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A running list of completed quilts

Hey everyone! So this past week I’ve been making a list of all the quilts I have completed and decided to share them here for others to see. I apologize that some of these pictures aren’t the best quality, but when I first started making quilts, many times I didn’t take a picture of the finished product, or if I did it was on a phone camera. However, I have become a much better quilt photographer since then and I always take pictures of finished quilts. You grow and become more organized as you learn from past mistakes!

This post is going to contain my current finished quilts that I’ve either given to loved ones or kept for myself. I’m going to try and go in chronological order and give some details of the quilt and who I made it for.

And here we gooooooo….

1. My very first quilt – completed in 2012
That’s right, this was my very first quilt! Can’t you tell? Haha, this quilt was completely hand sewn, and I admit I had no idea what I was doing. I cut all the fabrics with scissors, and didn’t use any interfacing, nor did I quilt over the T-shirt blocks. (What a rookie mistake). The t-shirts in this were my marching band and flag line shirts from high school. I was 18 when I made this, and it’s still holding up!
2. A graduation gift – completed May 2014The inspiration for this quilt came from an awesome hexagon Halloween themed quilt I found on Pinterest. This quilt was a rushed creation, as I only planned it 2 weeks before my cousins graduation! This was the first quilt to be made (machine pieced and quilted) on my Brother sewing machine, and it’s really what made me want to continue quilting.

3. Old & New – completed fall of 2014Now this quilt was a real challenge! I made this for my boyfriend’s mom, out of wonky star blocks that I made, and plus blocks from a quilt her grandmother made her that was falling apart. I love the scrappiness and all the color in this quilt. This is still by far the quilt I am most proud of making for someone. [machine pieced, hand quilted]

4. Completed winter 2014Now this isn’t a picture of the completed quilt, but this is the only picture I have (I told you I was bad at taking pictures when I first started). I made this quilt for my dad. I used a bunch of fabrics that had prints of things he likes, and I completely designed this quilt pattern myself! [machine pieced, hand quilted]

5. Completed winter 2014This was also another Christmas present, given to my aunt. It really was just a simple scrappy rectangle/square quilt that I whipped up real quick. [machine pieced, hand quilted]

6. A 1st birthday present – completed summer 2015I whipped up this precious baby quilt for my tiny cousins 1st birthday in less than 24 hours! [machine pieced & quilted]

7. Batik beauty – completed summer 2015This is one of my favorite quilts because the batik fabric! A friend found the quilt that inspired this one on Pinterest and I did my best version of it. [machine pieced & quilted]

8. The Duke’s of Hazzard – completed August 2015This was my boyfriend’s 21st birthday present. I drew up the pattern for this quilt top and backing (the first time I did specialty piecing for a backing). He loves The Duke’s of Hazzard, so that was the inspiration behind this quilt, and he was very surprised! [machine pieced, hand quilted]

9. A wedding gift – completed October 2015

**I currently don’t have a picture, but when I get one I will put it here.

I made this quilt as my cousin’s wedding gift. This was the biggest quilt I had made thus far. [machine pieced, tie quilted]

10. Mother’s Day – completed May 2016I did some of my best hand quilting in this heart quilt I made for my mom, and it was the first quilt I ever labeled (oops!) [machine pieced! hand quilted] I used this tutorial: Heart block tutorial

11. Graduation quilt – completed May 2016 I made this quilt for my brother as his high school graduation present. The prints are all things that he loves, and I even used pieces from his baby blanket (that he loved so much he wore holes into it) in the backing that I pieced with other fabrics from my stash and leftover top fabrics. [machine pieced, hand quilted]

12. Philadelphia Eagles – completed June 2016 I made this disappearing 9 patch for my boyfriend’s dad as a Father’s Day gift. He loves the Eagles football team so when we found this fabric we knew we had to get it! [machine pieced, hand quilted] (there are so many different ways to arrange disappearing 9 patch blocks, this was just the way I put them together).

13. XOXO Christmas – completed August 2016This quilt was my first fair entry ever! And I won a 2nd place ribbon, woohoo! [fabric collections used: Pixel Noel & Cozy Christmas] [machine pieced & quilted]

14. Happy Halloween quilt – completed October 2016 I have been hoarding Halloween fabrics for about a year now, and when I found the Framed pattern by Camille Roskelley, I knew it was meant to be. Many of these fabrics have large prints on them, and this quilt allows for these large prints to be seen without cutting into them too much. I have another blog post about this quilt. (Tip: I found a whole quilting section at my local library where I found Camille Roskelley’s Simply Retro book! What a way to save money, and it’s there if I ever want to check it out again). [machine pieced & quilted]

15. Camo patches – completed October 2016My uncle specifically requested a Camo and brown patch quilt, and here it is! [machine pieced & quilted]
These are all of the quilts I’ve completed thus far. Thank you so much for looking and reading!

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