Completed Quilt


My favorite part of the quilting process is making the quilt top. I love cutting fabric up and sewing it back together into different patterns. After the quilt top is finished, most of the time it just sits. I know that I should finish the quilt – layer it, baste it, quilt it, bind it; but I’m on to the next one, just to toss it aside when I’m done piecing it, too. (I currently have 10 completed quilt tops waiting for me in my closet, yikes!)

What I’m getting at, is that this quilt top has actually been done since last summer. It is now nearing the end of April and it is finally finished! However, if I would have just completed the quilting process last summer after I finished piecing the top, I would have hit quilt number twenty awhile ago. 

If this doesn’t give you a look into my creative process (which involves way more procrastination than it should) I don’t know what will. And that’s my lesson for today. 

I made this quit top with the intent on keeping it. I guess that’s part of my procrastination, if I don’t have someone else in mind when I start a quilt, I won’t finish it until I do. Well I’m keeping this one, as I used it to practice machine quilting on, and some parts are good but others… not so much. But I’m getting better and that’s all that matters!

On to pictures! 

I’ve been working on labeling my quilts, I chose to label this one on the binding. Sometimes I make actual labels to sew on, but that’s usually only if I have an extra block leftover from the top. I decided I’m going to put what number quilt it is on the label, too. 

Check out that scrappy binding! 😍

The fabric I used in this quilt is called Summer Fest, and it’s so bright and cheery! 

This block is called Chopped Block, it uses negative space to give an illusion look to this quilt. I love it! 

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3 thoughts on “Twenty 

  1. What would quilters do without those wonderful wood fences to hang our quilts for pictures? They make all quilts look bright, cheery, and fun. Your quilt is beautiful and FINISHED. I have the same problem as you, I love to piece, sew, add binding, and even iron blocks. I just do not enjoy the quilting process and I have no excuse, I have a long arm. I am ashamed to admit to anyone that I dread the quilting part after I invested so much money in a machine to make it easier. 🙂 Beautiful quilt.


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