Completed Quilt

Cats&Hearts, Love Notes Stars, and Swell Quilts

Hey everybody, welcome to today’s blog post! This past weekend was full of quilt giving and I can’t wait for y’all to see them!

First up: Wonderland Graduation

This quilt was made for my brother’s girlfriend as her graduation present. She loves cats so I just had to find a cat quilt pattern to make for her. I used Missouri Star Quilt Company’s cat block tutorial here. After I bought fabric for this project, I decided I needed to also add some heart blocks to it to make it complete. I used Cluck Cluck Sew’s heart tutorial here.

I tried to add a few props in this quilt photo shoot since the fabric is Wonderland, the chair has Disney’s Alice in Wonderland book, and the original Alice in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass. I thought it would be really cool to use Rifle Paper Co.’s new Wonderland fabric line with these blocks, because I wanted it to seem like the Cheshire Cat and Queen of Hearts were telling the story. What can I say? I’m mad.

The binding fabric on the Wonderland quilt is tiny flowers. I ended up cutting it too short and had to add a small piece of grey fabric, which worked out because I made that piece my label!

Mother’s Day Quilts

When I finished my first quilt Derick’s grandparents were the first people I talked to about it (you can find it here). They told me stories about when Derick’s great grandma quilted (all by hand, of course) and told me what a good job I did on my quilt, which was also done all by hand. (Sewing a quilt start to finish all by hand is not for the faint of heart, in case you didn’t already know that). Obviously since then I’ve gotten a sewing machine, and I’ve gotten into machine quilting on my sewing machine (which is still difficult at times). The quilt I made for Derick’s nana was also sewn on my machine. However, the quilt I made her, I wanted to seem more like a heirloom quilt (which really all quilts to me should be considered “heirloom”), so I got fabric to reflect that feeling, and I also chose a more traditional looking quilt block.

I used Missouri Star Quilt Company’s love notes star tutorial here.

This quilt not only has the obvious star block, but there is a secondary block made with the sashing corner stones, that looks like a shoo fly block.

I think it’s absolutely stunning. I love the softness of the colors and how it looks like a vintage quilt, but I actually just made it last week. That’s the magic of fabric choices! Also, I had one extra square somehow so it became the label.

Up next is a sun shiney quilt that will have you craving a Mojito.


Here are some recipes just in case! 😉


Pineapple Mojito

I’ve been imagining this quilt since I purchased the fabric. Don’t you love when you just know something is going to turn out perfect before you even start it? That was how I felt with this quilt.

Here lately I’ve been getting into colorful background fabrics. When I first started quilting I was all for scrappy everything, then I got into adding white backgrounds, and now I’m into colored backgrounds. My quilting evolution is ever changing. Derick’s mom, actually received one of first quilts I made, which was part of my scrappy evolution, and you can find it here. This quilt is part of my colorful background evolution… and y’all know I love color.

This quilt pattern is called Swell by Camille Roskelley. I actually found her quilt book at my library so I didn’t have to purchase the pattern!

It’s so summery and bright! The fabric line I used is called Mojito, and this quilt sure makes me want to chill by a pool with a mojito in my hand!


Thanks for stopping by!!


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