Completed Quilt

Adventurous Quilting

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve shared a blog post, but I’m back! 
I have one quilt finished that’s packed to the max with quilty texture, all thanks to my new walking foot! (Walking foot: a sewing machine foot attatchement that has feed dogs on it so the machine’s feed dogs pull the bottom fabric, and the foot’s feed dogs pull the top fabric. This allows the quilt to be evenly fed through the machine so it’s less likely to pucker, and makes it easier on the quilter.) And let me tell you, this walking foot has made quilting a breeze on my tiny machine. I mean, I’m still cramming too much fluff into my machine’s small harp space, but this foot really made the whole thing more bearable. 

The quilt I’m about to show off was a gift for Derick’s papaw. It took me a while to decide on this pattern and the scrappy fabric choice, but it really worked out, and Derick and I love it (we have a biased opinion though). 

The block showcased in this quilt is called a snowball block. It’s super simple and really looks good in scrappy form with the two borders, it’s a match made in Heaven! The outer border is a piano keys border that I did on a whim. I felt using an outer border that was one print wouldn’t really work with this quilt like it has with past quilts. I also wanted to challenge myself since the center was so quick to come together. I think the quilt wouldn’t have looked complete without it! 

Here are some up close and personal pictures of the quilting: 

As you can tell I did some semi circles from corner to corner of each snowball block. All except for in the center row, where I quilted straight lines an inch apart. I continued with the semi circles in the solid border, which makes the circles complete. On the piano keys border I just did a simple zigzag line which turned out better than I thought! 

You can really see the quilting designs on the back of the quilt! 

Here are 2 semi circle intersections that are perfect to me! 

And here’s the label! 
Thanks for stopping by! 



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